Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Eli Update

The boys are taking Eli the Elf's whereabouts VERY SERIOUSLY, and they have been very well behaved so far this month. :) They love to see where he has decided to sit each morning, and have found him in some funny places. This elf has quite the personality. We are all having fun with Eli. :)

This morning we found him in the middle of our Nativity scene, right up close to Jesus. I guess he wanted to get a good look at him, and maybe, like us, craves being close to Him. I've been especially emotional about Christmas this year...not exactly sure what makes this year different from the others. It has always been my favorite time of year, and I've always loved celebrating the birth of our Savior along with my family and friends...and these past couple years have been bittersweet b/c of the death of my sweet Dandy just a few days before Christmas nearly 3 years ago, a very weird mix of sadness, missing him while at the same time excitement over the magic of this time of year, and how fun watching the excitement in the boys' faces as the big day gets closer...I don't know what it is.

Listen to the words of the song that is playing right now~ "Joseph's Lullaby", by MercyMe. I love the Christmas songs that are taken from Mary's perspective, and this is the only one I know of from Joseph's, and it has quickly become one of my favorites. I think it took becoming a parent for me to see Jesus from this perspective. So often I think of him as my Savior, my Lord, my Redeemer, the list goes on and on. But to think of him as a Son, as Joseph's son, and ultimately, as God's Son...a completely different concept. I think about each of my three boys, and am filled with more love than I can explain, and I realize that that is what Joseph felt for Jesus, but he knew what was ahead for overwhelming that had to have been. We think about Jesus' birth and get caught up in the big things, the wisemen coming, the angels singing, the fact that our Savior was born in a dirty barn, which are all remarkable, humbling things, but for whatever reason this year it's the more simple things that are making an incredible impact on me.

I can imagine Joseph holding his newborn son, counting his fingers and toes, trying to figure out who he looks like, enjoying that first precious moment, and then can remember watching Brian hold each of our boys for the first time, and doing all of those same much the same, yet so incredibly different. So listen to the words, because they explain what I'm trying to say so much better, and enjoy the song...hopefully it will give you an even greater understanding of the sacrifices given for us that began with this spectacular birth.

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