Friday, June 5, 2009

Awards and Accidents

SO...yesterday was the last day of school, and the day before was the awards assembly.

Apparently I was embarrassing him by trying to take his pic here, but I love that happy, laughing look on his face. :)

Yesterday I went to pick him up from school, and later in the afternoon he was playing baseball in the backyard and fell and broke his arm. ON THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER...really? Geez. In his usual, "the glass is half full" form, he handled it like a champ, and all the way home we played the "Glad Game" (if you have seen the Disney movie, Pollyanna, you'll know what that means. If you haven't seen it, then shame on you~ it's a classic). We decided we were glad that at least school was out (he broke his right arm, and is right-handed) and relieved that baseball season is over, that he will only be in a cast for 3-4 weeks, and that they make awesome waterproof ones now, so his summer will still be full of fun. And to quote my oldest, "Mom, these things happen when you're an athlete." Yes they do, baby, but I'm still hoping this is last of the broken bones for a long while. :)


  1. Oh man that is such a big bummer. I have been very fortunate, with three boys, we have not broke anything yet. Stitches, yes, but no casts.

  2. i'm sorry! :( Poor little man! Glad it is waterproof...and it probably bugs you more than him!

  3. Poor guy! I was totally bummin' for him until I read that they make waterproof casts. Still a bummer, but that's awesome! Hope he heals fast!

  4. My little man, what a guy! He has such an amazing attitude. Hand him a lemon and he'll make himself a glass of lemonade. I love you sweetie.