Monday, June 15, 2009

Goats, Cows, a Pig, and a Bunny...

...oh, and a donkey and a turkey too. I took the boys to a petting zoo that was at our library last week, and it was unexpected fun. The animals were great...extremely patient. :) I've been trying to come up with different things we can do since H1 broke his arm, and this was definitely different. And fun. The pics aren't great, but here they are...

H2 was having a conversation with the turkey,
and I think he made it mad, because WOW it got loud.
Cutie pie, sling and all.

All three of them loved brushing the goats and the sheep.

H3 was mooing at the cow...but the cow didn't seem amused. :)


  1. loved the pictures. i love your blog. your kids are adorable! im adding you to my blogroll!

  2. I love those boys, they are such great kids!! Ashley and I look forward to your postings every week!! :)