Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Guitar Hero(es)

First off, Happy Father's Day to B....I love watching him be a Daddy to our boys. I'm crazy about him, and clearly the boys are too!
Father's Day ALWAYS falls right around my Dad's birthday too, so we get to celebrate both! Kind of a bummer for him, because he should get two separate days to celebrate, but we try our best to make sure he feels doubley (is that a word?) special each year.

Since we had my side of the family together, and H2's b-day was just a few days away, we celebrated that on Sunday too! Whew. Lots to celebrate! This is him with his gift from Aunt Reagan and Uncle Jon....a Transformer Bumblebee helmet that talks and does all kinds of cool things, and he loves it!

My mom made this super cute fish cake for him, and as always it was yummo!

Here is one of his other gifts, a sweet little pig that oinks and moves for him to take care of. From Mimi and Papa...a gift very fitting a our sweet little guy.

He got lots of great stuff and was super excited!

After all the celebrating they brought out Uncle Jon's Rock Band and jammed all afternoon.

B sang a little Livin' on a Prayer, while H3 jammed on the bass. :)

H2 LOVES the drums!

H3 loves to sing and play guitar. It's pretty entertaining...for us, anyway. :)

My dad saw how much we all loved playing that, and ended up surprising us with our set! Fun, fun at our house while we "blow the roof off," to quote our H2. Rock 'n roll.

I know this video is dark, but it's pretty funny.

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  1. Looks like a great day was had by all! LOVE the video - what fun and the wonderful memories you all are making.