Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Little Fish

That's what these kiddos are, anyway. They are happy to swim every single day, so we are spending as much time as we can at our neighborhood pool, or our local waterpark, which is where we spent our day today.
The water park put in this new beach area this year, and I'm pretty sure it's our new favorite place to hang out. We love the sand, the pool is shallow enough for the two little ones, but has deep enough areas for my biggest H to swim too.

Doesn't the water look amazing...makes me wish we were still there. H2 loves it too...can you tell? :)

And my tiniest H is content to play with this water tower thing.

Isn't it GREAT?!? :)

This tiny girl is my friend Tomi's baby, Little Miss S. She is some kind of yummy, don't ya think?

My mom goes with us just about every time we go. It's so great having an extra set of hands (three is a lot to keep up with by myself). The boys are a big fan of their Mimi, and so is their Mama! I'm always so thankful for her company, and spending the day with her always makes it even more fun. :)

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  1. They make life fun, thanks for wanting me to be a part of it all.