Saturday, November 21, 2009

And so the obsession continues.
Went with some life-long friends to see the midnight premier of New Moon on Thursday night (or technically, Friday morning). I am definitely NOT a morning person, so staying up late is never a good idea,
but I couldn't pass this opportunity up.
And I am so happy to report that the movie was totally worth losing a night's sleep over (which is exactly what it felt like I did...went to bed @ 4 and woke up @ 6:30).
Needless to say, yesterday was a very long day.
However, totally worth it. :)

New Moon is probably my least favorite of the series, but has my favorite ending out of all the books. Even though there was way more Jacob involved than I really prefer (nothing against him, I just love watching Edward and Bella together), I loved the movie and was thrilled with how close it stayed to the book. Greatness.

AND, as a bonus, I left knowing full-well that my obsession is completely healthy. :)While waiting for the movie to start, I got to take part in the best people-watching event EVER. Between the matching (some homemade, with puff paint) shirts to the Team Edward and Team Jacob headbands, I saw it all.


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  1. Saw this blinkie and thought of you. Scroll down almost to the bottom of the page and look for the "Twilight" blinkie! : )