Monday, January 24, 2011

This Guy

Yeah....I'm kinda crazy about him. ;)

Today we celebrate 13 years of marriage.

That doesn't really seem possible. At the same time, it's really hard to remember a time when he wasn't with me. It seems just like yesterday we were this young, 21-year-old couple. Babies. Getting married. Still in college. Clueless. Madly in love. No idea what was ahead of us. I love the fact that we have pretty much grown up together. I went from living with my parents, to living in a dorm, to living with him. And that was perfect~ for me.

People give us a hard time for being a cheesy, sappy, mushy couple, and that's okay. I'm just thankful that we like each other as much as we do. At least, most of the time. ;)

Are things always "rainbows and butterflies" around here? Nope. We really couldn't be more different. Things that I get uptight about, he's relaxed about. And vice-versa. We parent differently. We think differently. We like different tv shows. You will never find me in a deer stand (well, unless he really wanted me to go). ;) You also won't find him scrapbooking.

But the older we get, and the further along we go on this journey, the better we get at handling problems and disagreements. And despite our different interests, we have a lot of fun together. Truth is, I would follow this guy to the end of the world. And I can rest in the fact that he would do the same for me.Photobucket

Thankful for how beautifully my photographer-friend ( caught the way we feel about each other.

Thankful that I get to share this life with him. It doesn't get any better than that.


Happy that God has entrusted us with these three to take along on this journey.
Icing on the cake, people. :)

Love, laughter, and complete chaos. That's us. :)


  1. Stunning photos of a stunningly beautiful family! Your love for each other radiates from your faces. 30 plus years from now you'll still feel the same way cause your mom and dad and also Jim and I started out feeling the same way about each other; and still do. Love how God has the perfect mate for us picked out long before we think we've picked them out. Congratulations! love you guys!

  2. These are so beautiful!

    Your family is adorable :)