Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Everything Happens in 3's

At least it does at our house. You might remember in May that Hudson had to go to the hospital with cellulitis. And then in June we had to have some tests run on Hunter's spleen~ it gave us a big scare but turned out to be a slight case of mono. And I remember saying then that I was just waiting for Harrison to do something...and here we are.

Yesterday he cut his head open while playing in the warehouse at church (he was up there with Brian). He crawled under some metal shelving to grab a ball and came up a bit too early. Apparently there was LOTS of blood and LOTS of screaming (can't say I blame him on the screaming part). And I think it freaked Brian out more than it did Harrison. Off to the ER they went, and 4 staples (ouch) later, he's home safe and sound with a big smile on his face. : ) Brian said he was super tough and handled everything like a champ.

Maybe we can take a break from the world of medicine for awhile. Knock on wood...

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  1. oooh OUCH!
    poor little chicken head. :(

    Hope he's feeling better!