Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Gift

I have been missing Momo and Dandy big time this week. Everything is reminding me of them lately (which is a good thing) and I want to see and talk to them so bad I can hardly stand it. I think they must somehow know that, because this week I believe they sent me a little gift, a reminder of them maybe. This vine was given to me by them a few years ago. It was taken from the vine in their backyard. We planted it when we moved into the house a couple years ago. It has always been pretty, but never has it bloomed this much, or been this beautiful. I feel like this is a reminder from God that Momo and Dandy are happy and that they are with Him...I'm thankful for these "breadcrumbs," the little things left behind that bring comfort when I'm missing them.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you, honey, for this sweet reminder that Momo and Dandy are always with us. I've been missing both of them so much too and my clematis is also blooming and is so beautiful. Which is a miracle in itself because it has been such a hot summer and usually that really hinders how much it will bloom. Dandy's green thumb is still working!
    Love, Mom