Thursday, April 30, 2009

My (Not So) Glamorous Life

In case any of you were thinking that this mom of three boys
(the self-entitled "Queen of the household") was living a super glamorous,
mess-free life over here in our humble abode, think again.

Indeed, it is anything but that. Take a peek, for instance, at what (or rather, who) I got to clean up this afternoon after a mere 30 minutes of playing in the yard
(that was pretty dry, except for the sandbox~ oops).
Lucky for him, he's pretty cute, and I happily toted his mud-covered body to the tub. :) And wow, did he have fun. Now, please excuse me..I'm off to scrub a very dirty bathtub.
Glamorous? Definitely. :)


  1. Aw, we've got 2 pups that look the same way after playing in the muddy garden. And they're girls!

    And your guys probably don't go to the middle of the room - or bed - and shake head to tail!

    Just hose 'em off outside and grab your camera for some good shots!

  2. new nickname----pigpen. Does he stir dust when he walks? He is still adorable under the mud. Aunt Becky