Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our Little Author

This afternoon H2 asked for some paper and markers so that he could "color a story." Awhile later he called me into the kitchen so he could show me his finished product. He went on to show me each page he had colored, telling me the story of "The Missing Puppy." It is a very cute story about how I couldn't find our dog, Addy, so I went to the dog store to find a new black puppy. :)

Can't quite explain the emotions and pride I feel when my middle man does these kind of things (which are often these days, and that is awesome). Just a year and a half ago, after some testing was done by a speech therapist, we were told that he was speaking at a 10% intelligible rate. He had chronic ear infections as a baby, that affected his hearing, and had delayed his speech. I was so worried and upset, but the therapist assured me that this was common, and very fixable. He began speech therapy immediately, and now is at a 80% intelligible rate. His therapist (and his family) are THRILLED with his progress. He is progressing rapidly, and doing so well. He's such a smart, creative kid, and we're so thankful that he now able to vocalize all of the wonderful thoughts and ideas he has in that sweet punkin head of his. :)

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  1. Don't worry, Bryson was not intelligible until he started school. One day he just started speaking clearly.