Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Couple of Firsts

While these two were starting 4th and 1st grades.....

...this one was taking off with his aunt and uncle to spend a week in Texas.

If you can't tell, he was REALLY excited about his trip. And I was really excited for him. Crazy that he is big enough to actually do something like that. I got to fly in to pick him up on Thursday (and spend the weekend!). Everything went great~ the big boys had a great first week of school (unless you count Hud catching a virus and missing two of the five days), Hunter had a great time with family in Texas, and I managed alone during the day here. It was weird, but good in some ways. Made me realize that I need to resume my former hobby quickly. :)

My babies are growing up. Way too fast.
Thankful I get to watch them do that...wish they would just slow down just a little.

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