Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Linebacker

That's his nickname. My friend Tomi started calling him that first. Then random people at church started calling him that. And although we've tried really hard not to label our kiddos so that they are free to try different things until they discover their passion, sometimes names just stick. He truly was born looking like a little linebacker. Broad shoulders (trust me on that one) ;) huge hands, and solid as a rock. So, the name began, and has since stuck.

Today might have been the beginning of him showing more proof
of the truth of his nickname.
He definitely had fun. :)

And, although I don't want to brag (really, I don't)....he was kind of a natural.
I know it's probably just the proud mama in me and all, but this kid may just be the one that makes me finally find a love for football.
We'll see.


Definitely, when he needs to be.

But mostly, he's smiley. :)
And more like a teddy bear.


  1. I love this...give him a squeeze for me :)

  2. i love love love the last pic!

  3. I never even liked, much less loved, baseball till Cole started playing. Didn't miss a game all Spring/Summer! He's a darling boy; is that a tad of mischief I see in that grin! Jac, would love to get all of our families together sometime!love ya, Brenda E

  4. i love him-little LB. see, i knew that about him long ago. trust the aunt tomi. i don't however think that harrison will truly be a "chicken head" (wonder what that would really look like though) hugs to all three of them!