Monday, August 30, 2010

So....6 months after moving here I'm finally getting my craft area set up.
It's going to be upstairs in our loft area...probably not the best spot,
but it's what makes the most sense for now.
Hoping that since it will be out in the open
I will be more likely to keep it clean.
We'll see. ;)
I had an order come in this weekend for 4 scrapbooks...definite motivation to get busy and get set up fast. So I've been reorganizing....
...and re-painting. This is Brian's childhood desk, and will fit upstairs perfectly. And, since I'm going through a "red" phase right now, the color makes me happy.

Today I had this really cute little helper to sort buttons with me. :)
Kind of thought it would be a good educational thing for him to do,
since we've taken the year off from formal preschool.
Two things I learned today:
1) This guy is a great sorter/organizer
2) I need more buttons. ;)


  1. What a cutie! I love the red - can't wait to see your new room.


  2. That is the cutest little face and I know what a great helper he is!
    Love you guys!