Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm Gonna Miss This

Something monumental occurred in our house this week.
Something that we (or I, admittedly) had been putting off for far too long.

The tiny one gave up his paci. With no drama or sadness of any kind on his part.
His mom, however, isn't handling it quite as well. ;)
Don't get me wrong....I mean, I know it's time. I know it's WAY past time.
I guess because he's my baby I just wanted to delay this last "changing from a baby into a big boy" milestone for just a little longer.And it just doesn't get much better than getting a paci kiss from this kiddo. And because he might have acquired my addictive personality, I kind of assumed taking it away would be a total nightmare.
How wrong I was. This kid is a champ.
The whole thing was way too easy. His (very last one) got lost. We couldn't find it anywhere, so one "you're a big boy now, so it's time to give your paci to the babies" pep talk coupled with a bribe trip to Target for a prize the next day, and he was all good. 4 nights later, and we're still good. No baby detox at all. Crazy. Crazy good.

Today he found his long lost friend.
He brought it to me and said I need to give it the babies.
My baby is growing up.


  1. Totally made me tear up. They really do need to slow down a bit, don't they?! He's such an adorable kid!

  2. It is sad when they make that last passage from babyhood (particularly when it's your 'baby' that makes that passage!) but congrats to big boy Hunter on being such a big boy!

  3. Oh my! How can you stand for this little guy to grow up? He's soooo delicious! Love him! :)