Sunday, September 5, 2010

SpongeBob and Football

This weekend has brought a much-needed break.
Between Brian's hectic schedule and the sickness and yuck
we've been dealing with, it was so nice to get a reprieve.

Friday we decorated SpongeBob cookies.
From a kit.
Which goes against everything I believe in, but whatever.
They loved it, so I did too.

Hunter's was a little green, but he thought it was delicious.

Yesterday I met a friend for coffee.
She has been a HUGE encouragement to me in getting adjusted to our move here.
She's a minister's wife too, so she gets it. And I love that.
And there is no doubt in my mind that God placed her right in the middle of my world at just the right time, because I know He knew how much I would need her.
It was a great way to start my Saturday, made even better by the
really yummy Pumpkin Spice Latte I got to enjoy while we met. I so love fall. :)
But anyway....after coffee Brian and I loaded up the boys and a picnic lunch and headed to the park. The weather was BEAUTIFUL. So beautiful. Perfect for a picnic.
We took along a football so we could play a little, and practice with Hud some too.
The boys were more interested in tackling each other, but we threw the ball around, kicked it some, and just goofed around and had fun. It was perfect.

We ended the day with dinner at our neighbor's house.
The kids played, we talked and laughed,
and then when it was time to go home we just walked back next door to our house.
Loved that. :)
Life is good.

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  1. So glad you have a friend/mentor to walk with you through the transition. God is SO very great in giving us what we need. Glad to hear y'all are doing so well!