Saturday, May 23, 2009

Haven't blogged about my oldest "H" in here's an update:
~ last week, he lost another tooth, which he pulled out himself
~ he will finish the 2nd grade in less than two weeks (yay!)
~his baseball team, the Astros, finished 1st in their league! Playoffs start next week.
~ he has hit FIVE homeruns (lots of doubles, triples too) this season!
(they don't call him "Homerun Harrison" for nothin')
~he has made straight A's ALL YEAR LONG
~ he's is such a huge help with his brothers, and they think he's the greatest.
As always, we are so proud of him...
I'm very ready to have him out of school and home for the summer.
It's time for a break, time for some fun. :)

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