Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Wedding

Beth (my sister) and Todd got married on my parents' farm this weekend, and it was beautiful, fun, perfect! Well, except for the was a little wet, but thankfully the rain cleared out and we were still able to have a great time!
H2, the super cute ring bearer did AWESOME! He cracked us up during the wedding when he asked his Papa to "wake up!" My dad had closed his eyes in effort to keep from getting upset, and H2 thought he had fallen asleep. Priceless.

The original "Hovis" all three girls are happily married off!

Nana was a lifesaver during the wedding...she kept H3 (who had missed his nap~ not good) happy and busy. Can't thank her enough for that!

A sweet moment between me and my very sleepy H3

My cousin-in-law Ashley, H2 and H1 enjoying Mimi's YUMMO cookies!

The happy couple at cake time

Reagan and I were the designated "cake cutters"....we definitely didn't miss our calling. :)

It was truly a great weekend! So much fun having ALL of our family together~ I hate that it went by so quickly. Brian did a wonderful job with the ceremony, H2 rocked as ringbearer, Beth looked absolutely beautiful, and my mom and dad worked so hard to make it all possible by getting the farm ready and all the cooking, cleaning, and preparing. It was a perfect day, even with the rain, and I'm so glad to see my baby sister happily married to her "McDreamy."

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  1. Congrats to your beautiful sister. I thought of you all day with the rain, but it looks like everything worked out perfectly. Great family photo and you looked so pretty!