Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Persistance is His Middle Name

SO...last night I came home from Bunco (love those girls!) and went in to check on my boys. Brian~ snoring, H1 and H2~ out cold.
Then, as I headed for H3's room, I quickly realized that I didn't have to go far. I found him like this. So very asleep on the cold hardwood floor. Isn't that pitiful?
I quickly scooped him up (after taking a quick pic, of course!) and laid him in his bed, where he stayed asleep until about 3 am...the usual time he joins us in our bed. :)
To say it hasn't been easygetting H3 used to sleeping in his big boy bed would be a huge understatement. He would rather sleep anywhere else, which apparently,
includes the floor. God bless that sweet baby.

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