Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 4th

This weekend brought crazy to a whole new level for our family, but we had SO MUCH FUN that we were okay with crazy. I am still mad at myself for forgetting our camera on both Friday night and Saturday morning, but finally remembered it last night. We spent Friday with my parents, sisters, and BIL~ had a great dinner, got snowcones, and watched a beautiful fireworks show. It was great! Then we spent Sat. morning with B's mom at her neighborhood parade and party, complete with bounce houses, hot dogs, train rides, etc. Fun, fun again! Last night we headed to our friends Brent and LeeAnn's house for more 4th fun, and once again had a great time. We loved watching the kids play together, getting to just sit and relax outside, and laughed at the pyromaniacs (aka the grown up boys) shooting fireworks.

Kortni is so great with the little kiddos~ and they love her too!

Brea and Hud thought it was best to stay in the car during the fireworks. They had their little fort all set up and were nice and cozy. :)

All you can see here are the fireworks, but there were several guys (including mine) over there who were LOVING every minute of getting to blow stuff up. Don't worry, the girls and the kids kept a very far distance.

We all played horseshoes...this is Brian's winning shot. His victory lap was pretty funny.

The tiny man LOVED the fireworks, and I'm so glad he got to watch them twice. He would just yell "WHOA!" or "WOW...." every time. So stinkin' cute.

We have been having so much fun with these two (Drew and Jana), and their kiddos!

And here are our lovely hosts, and great friends, Brent and LeeAnn.

I LOVE this pic of Kecia and I love those girls.

Don't ask. :)

Hope everyone had a safe, happy Independence Day!

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