Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tennis, Anyone? Or maybe some paddleboating?

I am a bloggin' fool these days, huh? In reality, I want to this while it's fresh on my mind, otherwise I'll never stay caught up. I'm already two years behind in the boys' scrapbooks...the least I can do is keep our blog updated, right? AND I will have too much to do when we get back home, so I'll be blogging away on vacation. :)
This afternoon we continued to take part in all the the active/sport/outdoorsy
activities we could stand...we did some paddleboating...
...well, actually Brian and I paddled our legs off while Harry and Hud relaxed in the back and Hunter steered us around and around in circles.

After that experience we headed to the tennis courts. Harrison has been asking me for days to show him how to play. Brian and I used to play all the time when we were dating and newly married...but haven't since. We had a great time showing the boys how to play, and then letting them take turns playing with us. It definitely made me want to start playing again.
Can't believe I'm actually posting this pic, but oh well.

Isn't he cute?

Tomorrow, we're off to Santa Fe! Can't wait to shop those markets. And see the Indian (ahem..the Native American) pueblos.


  1. This CRACKS ME UP. You guys are playing in flip flops. I am just impressed that you have a hubby who takes pictures of you regardless of how the pic turns out.

  2. It looks like you are having a ball and fun filled days. I have to agree flip flops and tennis just don't seem to go together. I am enjoying all the pics, it almost is as good as being there.