Thursday, July 9, 2009

Goodbye cast, we won't miss you at all

Today was the big day, and we were all excited!
We are thankful that his arm healed so quickly
and the cast got to come off 2 weeks early.
The "Before" shot:

Not sure how she knew how deep to go with that saw thing, but I had to make myself not think about it. Kinda scary, but she was a pro. :)

The "After" shot
His arm is a little shriveled and scaly, but should be back to normal soon. After the cast came off they x-rayed it again, and it looks perfect! You can even seen the new bone (it's brighter) that has grown in place of where the break was. Amazing.
The Dr. okayed him to ride his bike, throw a ball, play hard with his brothers, etc. No skateboarding still for 3 weeks. I'm so paranoid right now that I would still prefer to just wrap him in bubble wrap for the next several weeks, but hopefully I'll loosen up a little.

This was the look on Hud's face the whole time the cast was getting buzzed off. I understood exactly how he felt. :)

And this is a lovely pic of Harrison's legs taken by the tiny man. ;)
And now, on with the rest of our summer!


  1. yay! I am glad he got it off early! :)

  2. Nice! I always hated the scaly shrivel arm. Keep it lubed up and have fun on vacation.