Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Last Day~ Santa Fe

I can't believe we are already on our last day of vacation! Today we had a blast visiting Santa Fe. We spent most of our time at the Plaza Mercado for shopping and yummy eating.

Lunch was at the Blue Corn Cafe and it was YUMMO. Hud and I had the blue corn tacos~ we were super proud of him for trying something new, and he ate every bite!
Harrison and Hunter stuck to their normal staples~ chicken strips and fries.
That's okay...we're on vacation. :)

This was the view at the center of the square~ lots of people playing music, singing, and selling their wares for money. And there was a guy making fajitas there too. If we hadn't just stuffed ourselves at the Blue Corn, we would have tried them!

We visited two cathedrals in the square, and they were beautiful!

Brian was looking for this one, b/c he wanted to see the "miraculous staircase." I had never heard the story before, but it is pretty amazing. Basically, the nuns that lived in this chapel prayed for a staircase, and soon after a man showed up with tools to build them a staircase in return for letting him stay there.
Looking at this staircase that man built, I would agree it is a miracle. There is no pole to hold it up, and the only tools the man used were a hammer, a saw, and a carpenter's square. The nuns believed that Jesus himself had come down to build it. Interesting, huh? Brian also bought some Holy water there, just for the fun of it. I pretended that I was thirsty and was going to take a drink of it...he totally panicked. It was awesome. :)
These pillows are the inspiration I've been looking for to finish some big square frames I bought for our bedroom and then haven't done anything with. This is exactly what I needed...can't wait to get busy with this project. Picked up a couple other things for our bedroom (which needs some serious help) at World Market. Yes, we have one of those at home, but they were having a great sale!
This was our view on the drive home. Doesn't get much better than that, huh?
The boys are happily playing with their rubber band guns they bought at Yippee Yi Yo (fun name, huh?). Harrison bought his first set of pastels and is excited about getting to draw with them (Im a proud mama), Hud is playing with his lizards he bought at the Moon Rabbit toy store (pretty sure that Moon Rabbit was the name of the hippie girl tha ran the store~ the boys loved her!). And Brian found a Santa Fe style Starbucks mug (he loves a memory cup), so I think we've all got our little vacation keepsakes to take home with us.

And tomorrow we have the LONG drive all the way home.
It has been an awesome vacation, and we are so glad we got away to do this.
Can't wait to be back in our own beds tomorrow night!