Sunday, January 11, 2009

Feel like I need to post....

...but there really isn't much going on, at least from a blog perspective. I'm home this morning, playing hooky from church. Haven't been feeling super fantastic these past couple days, and decided to spend today resting and gearing up for the way-too-busy week ahead.

I was kind of dreading get back into the normal routine after the holidays, but have to admit it's kind of nice now that we've got the first week back behind us. Here's what that first week looked like:

~Harrison started back to school Monday w/ just a small amount of grumbling. He has become fast friends with a kid named Kaleb who moved here just a few months ago, and he is all H can talk about. I'm looking forward to meeting him and his parents at H's birthday party in a couple weeks so we can start having him over.

~Hud and Hunter started back to school on Tuesday, and were very happy to go back. They learned about the letter M and the color purple this week, and came home with several beautiful art projects. :)

~Create Joy Workshops is back in full swing this week. I spent Tuesday and Thursday working at Tracy's, getting ready for our new winter and Valentine's Day classes. Have to admit we have some pretty cute need to check out the website~
If you've never tried one of our classes, you need to~ hope to see you soon!

~Brian headed back to work for his first full week since Christmas~ it was so great having him home he is gearing up for a really busy several months. Lots going on at NRHBC.

~Friday night Brian and I met our friends Brent and LeeAnn at the movies to see Twilight. LeeAnn and I had already seen it, but wanted the guys to see it too. They endured the movie the best they could (sacrificial love at it's best!) and we had a great time together. Just wish we had had time to go for coffee afterwards so we could have actually talked more, but had to pick the kiddos up by 9:30. We are really enjoy this's fun, easy, genuine...they are quickly becoming very good friends.

~I have a couple different projects in the works in my craft room, that if they turn out as I hope they do, will soon be hanging in a couple different spots in our house. If all goes well, I will post pics soon!

~Next weekend my baby will turn 2, and my oldest will turn 8. They're both getting way too old. The weekend will be fun though~ twice the celebrating!

Ok, now you're caught up on all things Hatcher. I'm sure your life feels complete now, huh? Ha ha. :)


  1. I'm surprised your son is watching The Color Purple at such a young age.

  2. thanks for your kind post. best to you!