Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm HOME!!!!

SO HAPPY to be home. I had the best time, learned so much, and am so glad I got to go. And now I'm equally as happy to back here with my boys. I'm just not me without the four of them. I got in around midnight last night, and when I walked in the door I first found Brian asleep on the couch after trying to wait up for me. He woke up and asked me to look on the counter, and when I did...I saw my birthday gift! Brian got me my own Cuttlebug (which I know probably doesn't mean much to you non-crafters out there~ so sad!)!!! This machine embosses on just about anything~ paper, metal, acrylic, chipboard... I used it to make the wings and heart for the crosses I posted a couple weeks ago. I'm always borrowing Tracy's, and she's always so gracious to let me...but I'm sure she'll be just as excited as I am that I got this. I'm pretty sure Brian is the most thoughtful, wonderful husband out my opinion, it doesn't get better than him! And what makes him even sweeter is that he did a little paper-crafting himself for me~ see the yellow card in the picture? I know it's hard to see the details, but he used the Cuttlebug to emboss some hearts and "Happy Birthday" on that paper! What a guy!

And now, my three little monkeys. I missed these little guys so much, and our reunion this morning was pretty fantastic. I know one thing for sure~ I'm very, very loved. :) We're all playing hooky from our normal responsibilities today (they all got to stay home from school, and I'm only going to unpack and do laundry~ the cleaning can wait 'til tomorrow) so that we can snuggle and play. I found them playing some kind of game in the bathtub that involved them making pretend coffee (thankfully, they kept the water turned off!), and had to snap a quick pic. Yay! I'm home!

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