Thursday, January 29, 2009

Last Day...

Yesterday was our last day in California, and it also happened to be my birthday...could this sign be any more appropriate? Not that I was too overly excited to turn 32 (gulp),
but what a great place to celebrate!

Here is the Create Joy team in front of this AMAZINGLY beautiful tree...wish you could have seen the whole thing. It was a GREAT climbing tree~ how much I would love to have this in our backyard for the boys to climb and play in!

The girls took me to a Disney-themed restaurant to celebrate~
these Mickey Mouse waffles were just as yummy as they were super cute!
And now, for my favorite last-minute findings at CHA...I have never been
so inspired in my entire life...I can't wait to get in my craft room and go to work.

But first, I'm going to need to go shopping for some more supplies! Yay!

So much great head is still spinning a little...

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